**Click photo to see a video**
Born approx May 4th, 2022*
Up to date with vaccinations until June 2025, dewormed, microchipped & spayed*
Mango is a sweet girl who came into the rescue pregnant and had 5 kittens on March 28th*
Her babies are all grown old enough to leave Momma and most have already been adopted into thier forever homes*
Mango LOVES people and is so calm and gentle*
She would be a great cat for a family with kids (especially if they are a first-time cat family)*
She does get along with other cats with proper introduction and time (she prefers kittens)*
I’m unsure about dogs, but I’m fairly certain again with proper introduction and time she would be completely fine*
She loves to give head bumps especially if you are petting her and stop. A gentle reminder “Hey, you’re not done here”*
Mango is litter trained and enjoys her canned food but also eats dry food too*
Adoption Fee $110