These animals are not in our care yet or a new foster is needed for them. If you are interested and want to help, please complete a Foster Form and email to us at Click on the “Forms” tab to download a foster form.



*Not currently in our care* Meet Reese* Reese came to us a couple years ago as a puppy, unfortunately with life changes she needs to come back to the rescue* She is 2 years old, utd with her shots and spayed* She is very friendly & loves her miniature human* Owner believes she


Chase and Sky


Meet Chase & Sky* Unfortunately due to some health reasons of their owner, these 2 will be looking for new homes! Chase is a purebred Siberian Husky* He is 2 years old* He is up to date with shots, neutered and microchipped* Sky was a rescue and is 3 years old* She is

Chase and Sky2023-06-05T21:29:04-06:00



Not yet in our care* Molly is just over a 1 1/2 years old and she needs a new home with room to run and kids to play with* She is spayed, up to date with shots and tick pill* Molly loves winter and is an outside dog* She is 1/4 each of




Needing a foster or foster to adopt for Scooby* Currently at Kennels in Melville* Born approx July 2022* A lady’s neighbors moved out and left him behind so she took him in but she had to go for surgery and she can’t continue to look after him* Loves cuddles, kisses and scratches* House


Zig Zag


Not yet in our care* Waiting at the kennels in Melville* She was adopted a couple years ago from rescue* She came in with 12 puppies who have all been adopted* She is a TerrierX about 4 years old* She is spayed but needs to be updated on her vaccinations* She is great

Zig Zag2023-05-28T20:11:09-06:00

Fiona (174)


Female* Lab Cross* Born approx Jan 2023* Vet checked and has first set of shots. Will be getting second shots June 8*  I am a little timid of people as I haven't been around many* I will need time and training to reach my full potential* I am the louder one out of

Fiona (174)2023-05-27T22:31:34-06:00

Lip (174)


Male* Lab Cross* Born approx Jan 2023* Vet checked and has first set of shots. Will be getting second shots June 8* I am more friendly then my sister is and enjoy affection* I do need a lot of training as I was found on the side of the highway full of ticks

Lip (174)2023-05-27T22:33:26-06:00



Female* Shepherd Cross* Born approx 2019* Up to date with shots and spayed* Lola would be an excellent farm dog* She is very sweet, likes other dogs, good with cats and loves kids* She would also be great in town in a fenced yard and taken for walks* She loves to be brushed,


Marty (193)


**Click his picture to see a video** Male* Shepherd Cross* Born approx July 2022* Neutered, vaccinated, dewormed and microchipped* Marty is a very affectionate boy who wants your company* He walks well on a leash, and doesn't bother the cats he meets on his walk* Marty also layed down and rolled over

Marty (193)2023-05-26T20:44:14-06:00

Mishka (193)


Female* Shepherd Cross* Born approximately November 2020* Mishka is vaccinated, dewormed, spayed and microchipped* She is approx. 18 inches at the shoulder* Mishka has been in rescue for some time* She came in extremely shy and fearful of noises and people* Mishka is kennel trained and walks well on a leash* She still

Mishka (193)2023-05-26T20:43:35-06:00



Female* Born approx May 5, 2022* Up to date with Yearly Vaccinations. Spayed & Microchipped* Olga is a little timid in new situations* She loves her head pet and will bump you* She's a beautiful smokey grey color* She gives love bites if you stop petting her and she isn't done being pet*




Female* Born approx May 5th, 2022* Up to date with vaccinations, dewormed, spayed & microchipped* Ingred is a beautiful long haired tortie* She came in very scared and matted, and had to be shaved* She was found or dumped at the gas station in Dafoe* She came in with a large mass which


Momma Bear (178)


Female* Born approximately Dec 4, 2021* She's up to date with vaccines, been dewormed, microchipped and spayed* After raising her pups it's her time to find her special person too* Hi! My name is Bear, but they call me Momma Bear since I came in with a litter of pups* Since they've found

Momma Bear (178)2023-06-05T20:08:06-06:00



(121) Female* Born approx Sept 9, 2021* Shepherd Staffie Cross* Fully vaccinated, spayed and microchipped* Weighing in at 51lbs* Bella loves people, young and old* She plays well with other dogs and is curious about cats* She is leash trained and always looks forward to her morning walks* Bella has a wonderful personality

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