**Located in Regina at Pet Smart on GORDON ROAD**
**Click her photo to see her getting some lovin**
Born approx Feb 2023*
Up to date with vaccinations, spayed and microchipped*
In the beginning kitty might be scared and shy*
Having a safe space to go, (and if you don’t go too fast) you can pet her no problem!
It’s a long process to get her to where she’s going to be comfortable but once she warms up, she becomes the most loving and affectionate cat*
She meows for attention, she flops on her side for you to rub her belly and if you stop petting her she will paw at your hand so you can keep petting!
Kitty does not like to be picked up but as she gets comfortable she will lay beside you to get pets*
Kitty likes peace and quiet*
She loves Whiskas soft food and sharing food with you!
She wants company of another cat to be able to play with and she also loves laser lights!

Adoption Fee $110