Born approx December 2023*

Border collie cross*

She has her first set of vaccines, is dewormed and microchipped*

Kristy is a very loveable and affectionate pup*

She really likes to cuddle up with you and is very chill most of the time.*

She is not kennel trained, and we are working on housetraining but have had a few hiccups due to some tummy issues we are currently trying to figure out*

Kristy is extremely smart and obedient so once the tummy issues are solved, housetraining will be no problem!

Kristy absolutely loves all other dogs and really enjoys playing and running around with them*

She is an energetic little girl*

She loves toys and likes to collect and “herd” all the toys in the house to one area*

She is scared of cats*

Kristy would make a great addition to any family or would be an excellent addition to any farm where she could possibly put her herding skills to work (as long as she is still allowed in the house as she is too much of a love bug and people person to be left outside)*

Adoption fee $225