Born approx August 2021*
Vetted, microchipped, spayed, dewormed and checked for ear mites*
Spark is a black beauty, sleek and striking with the longest tail her foster family has seen*
She is very playful, she will chase a laser light or bat a pom pom for quite a bit of time*
She also likes to chase and be chased by one of the cats she’s fostered with*
She doesn’t love to be picked up, but will come to you for head or chin scratches*
She will also try and beg a Ritz cracker if you’re eating them, she loves them!
Fostered with other cats and a small dog (she tolerates the dog), and there are also children in the home*
She will do fine in a busy house*
Never mean and ALWAYS nosey she is a fun and charming little girl!
Adoption Fee $100