Born approx May 15, 2020*
He has been vetted, neutered and ear mite treatment has been done*
Shivers has had a bit of a challenging start.  All the cats shunned him at the farm*
When he came into rescue he was so matted to the skin he had to be shaved*
This plus his inability to regulate his body temperature and a chest and ear infection led to a few sleepless nights for his foster parents*
He had some balance and coordination issues from the inner ear infection and the binding of his fur mats but this has all been improving*
He loves to be held like a baby and have his tummy scratched*
He is content to be put in a snuggly and carried around the house*
He’s great with dogs and he’s learning to get along with other cats*
Each day he does better with the other cats*
If you are looking for a cat who will greet you as soon as you get home and want to be cuddled Shivers is your guy*
Plus he’s quirky enough to keep you guessing*
Adoption Fee $100