Born approx March 2020*

He has been vetted and neutered, shots up to date. Microchipped, dewormed and treated for ear mites*

I’d like to introduce Rerun. (But we call him Boo Boo because he’s so gentle and sweet)*

He loves head scratches and gentle pets*

Rerun was rescued from a farm full of tuxedo cats hence the name Rerun but he responds to Boo Boo as well*

He spent the winter taking shelter in the thrasher*

He is very gentle and just wants peace and quiet*

He is okay with other cats but his preference would be to be in a home with less or no other animals*

He will snuggle other cats in foster care but on the farm he was a loner*

He would be good with older children who appreciate his love of peace and quiet*

He is tolerant of dogs if they leave him to his cat naps*

He’s a solid cat and a good size*

Adoption fee $100