Born approx April 10, 2020*
Up to date on shots, dewormed, neutered and treated for ear mites*
Mercury is a big boy*
He earned his name because when he came into rescue he was impossible to hold (just like the element mercury)*
He was rescued from a farm with 127 other cats*
He’s a bit of an announcer. (The Don Cherry of the group)*
He likes to tell you when he is going to the litter box. When he’s eating. If a piece of lint floats by…
He always has an opinion*
As big and as vocal as he is he is a sucker for a head and cheek and ear scratch*
He will likely deny that he enjoyed it after the fact but then he’s back for another*
We have truly enjoyed fostering this big lug*
And while he took awhile to settle into foster life we think he’s been amazing*
He’s excellent with other cats and doing well with dogs*
Adoption Fee $100