Born approx November 2019*

Husky cross*

Vet checked, dewormed, up to date with shots and neutered*

Spencer will need a special adopter*

We believe he needs the right environment and that is a farm and be able to live outside in heated dog house*

When he is inside the house he is not house trained as he is straining to poop and pee which we are assuming are stomach ulcers*

When inside he becomes extremely protective of the home and whom he bonds to*

He attacks and nips at others feet and legs when they move within the house*

If the person he bonds with is not home, he is completely fine with the other house members and listens*

He chases cats but only when they get close to his food or whom he bonds with*

He will not attack the person he bonds with when they are near his food but will bark and attack others*

Again if the person he bonds with is not home then the situation is different*

He loves to be outside; prefers to be outside*

Will be protective of area where he will sleep and eat*

Other than that, he is a totally different and friendly dog outside*

Loves to play fetch, tug of war, he hops like a deer when he is happy*

Is friendly to everyone, will not leave the yard and will not attack anyone but will let you know if someone is in the yard when you are inside and he is outside*

Spencer has an underbite…so he always looks like he is snarling when he is trying to smile*
Trained off leash, knows how to sit*
Will not leave yard, even non fenced yards*

Adoption fee $300