Born approx October 2021*

Lab Cross*

Up to date with vaccinations, microchipped and neutered*

Hi I’m Miles…..I think? I don’t know my name very well yet*

I like to growl and intimidate a lot but mostly when I’m being stubborn or just wanting the attention that I desire so much!

I am a very needy dog, if I don’t get enough attention that I crave I can become rather frustrating*

I have a tendency to break out my kennel or at least do my very best to try and break out*

If I do manage to get out of my kennel the house can become quite the disaster when I’m home all alone*

It’s because I have this terrible case of separation anxiety that I’m just not very good at dealing with*

I want to be as honest about it as I can with you, so you know exactly what you’re in for if we become a family*

If I don’t get what I want I’m probably going to growl and bark a lot until you finally give in*

I really like getting my way as much as I can*

When I go for a walk and I see a rabbit, cat or squirrel, really just about anything that has my attention I will probably end up dragging you to get at whatever has me interested*

I really am a needy dog, so I do need a lot of love, affection and attention*

I can have attitude when I’m being given an instruction or an order*

I’m not a big fan of being told what to do but maybe one day I can get better at it?

I can’t say for sure though*

I can be told to sit, but I do bring my paws up most of the time*

I tend to jump up all over you or anyone really when I do get excited*

I am kind of a big boy so hopefully you or your family is ok with being jumped on*

I should mention I really, really like to dig up the yard as much as possible when Im outside, so my paws are all dirty and mucky most of the time when I come in from outside*

I am very adventurous!

I am always digging and sniffing*

My nose is very good at smelling stuff so if I catch a scent I will not give up on it until I discover what it is!

Once my nose has smelled something that has me curious I will be locked in on it and not want to stop until I figure it out*

I think I’m pretty smart but I’m kind of stubborn as well*

If you have a lots and lots of patience, time and if you love a challenge I think I just might possibly be the dog for you*

I believe I can have a lot of potential to be the dog that you are looking for if you don’t mind my stubbornness especially when it comes to my ongoing training*

I really am going to need a lot of patience from you because I am a work in progress*

As well I need my exercise*

Right now I am used to going for at least two long walks a day*

One as soon as I get up in the morning and then I like another long one in the evening*

I will figure out when you are going to be leaving the house when you go to work or anywhere else really*

I am quite smart this way*

It takes me quite a while to get settled into my kennel, I can’t promise you I will be settled though as I have been able to break out before*

Right now, the only game I really know how to play is fetching a tennis ball8

I’m not going to bring it back to you though, because that’s not how I like to play*

You are going to have to run after me chase me and catch me then take it from me because I don’t like to let go of it*

It’s much more fun having to make you chase me around and take it away from me so good luck 🙂

If I sound like a good match for you or your family, I just might be the dog for you*

Adoption Fee $300