Born approx July 2022*
**Click photo to see him cuddling with his brother Halo**
He is up to date with shots, microchipped and neutered*
He came into rescue with an eye infection that seemed to not want to heal*
Initially believed to need his eyelid opening enlarged, it turned out to actually be a strange occurrence in which his eyelids have actually fused to his eyes*
This causes his eyes to tear a lot requiring daily washing and a slightly squinty appearance*
We would like to get Yuna to pose for some better photos but he is such a snuggler it is hard to find him not snuggling*
He is the most snuggly loving kitten ever*
Often wanting to snuggle as close to your face as you will allow*
He loves his feline and canine friends and is often carried around the house like a doll by one of his many tiny human companions*
While he may always look a bit different, he is a truly special little cat who deserves a special loving home, with as many people and animals to love as possible!

Adoption Fee $110