Born August 15 2023*
Has received 2 sets of deformer and 1 set of shots*
Sherry is a very quiet kitten, isn’t super fond of loud noises or quick movements, but never runs far from the action*
Once she realizes there is no danger, she is right back in the wrestling pile*
Sherry prefers to hang out by herself*
Occupying her time with toys, snuggles, and naps*
She puts up with her siblings*
Sherry is very fond of wet food and treats but is not a pushy kitten and will wait until her siblings are done eating before she eats unless you intervene on her behalf*
Her favorite things to do are beat up the soft toys that are her size or bigger, sit on her brother’s, and receive chin scritches and kisses*
She is fostered with cats, dogs and fish and does fine with small children if they are gentle with her*
Adoption Fee $80