Born August 15 2023*
Has received 2 sets of deformer and 1 set of shots*
Ryan sees the world differently*
He prefers to see it from upside down mostly*
This cuddle bug will constantly roll over and demand belly rubs, and if you stop, he will demand retribution*
He loves being in the action, if not the cause of it*
Whether its learning new par core moves from his siblings, racing them across the room or pushing to the bottom of the kitten pile to get the comfiest spot*
This little man is a real treat and joy to look after*
He loves animals of many shapes and sizes and has an infatuation with my dog Zoe, who is an Australian Shepard*
Follows her everywhere and must see what she is up to*
He doesn’t get scared when she gets excited, nor does he run away when she tries to pick him up like a puppy*
He is both a chill kitten and a nutty one*
Best of both worlds*
He is fostered with cats, dogs, fish and gets regular play dates with young children*
Adoption Fee $80