Born approx Sept 15th, 2022*
Vetting: Up to date with age appropriate vaccinations, dewormed and treated for ear mites*
Oh Mr.Rus*
This little ankle bitter is the BIGGEST SUCK you will ever meet*
He likes to be soooo close to you, like right in your face close*
He needs to be touching your face*
He will climb up your pant legs to get closer to you*
He always has food on his face, he loves food*
Rus came to the rescue from a vet clinic on October 15th, with a broken swollen leg at only 4 weeks old*
There was really nothing we could do at that age but wait and hope for the best*
He seems to not even be phased by it and never was*
He did limp a little, but he doesn’t even limp at all now*
The vet says the break is still healing but we don’t see him having any problems currently*
He uses it without any concerns, he climbs, runs, jumps and plays like a normal kitten*
Adoption Fee $75