Born approximately September 2021*

Up to date vetting and spayed*

I was found outside in Fort Qu’applle near the end of winter*
If you notice my tail is a little short because I had frostbite on it and had to get it amputated but I don’t mind*
I don’t know how I feel about dogs…
But if you give me a second with other cats, I’ll like them and I’d have a lot of fun running around with them!!
I love string*
It’s fav and only toy I’ll play with*
I like playing with other cats and humans but only on my terms*
If I don’t feel like playing with the other cats or if I don’t like the way they’re playing… I’ll make sure to tell them!
I love napping, being chill, and cuddles*
Actually, I’ll take all the cuddles, please*
If you make a spot for me close to you, I’ll come to lay down just to be close*
I don’t really scratch or bite when I play with humans*
I promise I’ll play nice with you*
I like chicken, salmon, treats and milk every once and a while… I looove food in general*
I’d eat 4 times a day if you let me*
I’m always going to be curious about what you’re eating and why I can’t have any*
I’d love to find my forever home*
If you’re it for me, reach out and let’s meet*
Adoption Fee $100