Born approx March 1st*
First set of vaccinations completed on April 27th*
Eats hard food*
Litter trained*
Fosterer with 2 large female dogs, 2 adult male cats, and 2 teenagers*
She is wary of the dogs still, I’m sure with a little more time she’ll be just fine*
Quinn was found all by her lonesome in Yorkton*
She was very skinny when she came into rescue, but she’s a great little eater and has been working hard at packing on the grams*
She is super playful, has lots of energy to rip around the house and entertains herself quite easily*
She loves to chase the little jingle balls around the kitchen floor, and bat around her mice and roll around with them on the carpet*
She is extremely cuddly, wants to be held lots, and will sleep a solid 8 hours at night tucked in by your neck*
She has a very unique tail*
It’s stripped like the rest of her body for the first half, then it goes to all black, then the very tip is all white!
She’s a really sweet little girl*
Adoption Fee $85