**Click her picture to see a video**
Born approx 2019*
Spayed, up to date with vaccinations, and microchipped*
Paulina “Gretzky”*
Paulina came into the rescue with a litter of 5 kittens around 7 weeks old and another pregnant cat who was her kitten from a previous litter*
She was already pregnant again*
Paulina was so friendly and loved humans right from day one*
When she had her babies this time only 1 kitten survived, we think this is due to being pregnant so quickly again*
She adopted any and all kittens around her, she loves all kittens*
She cleans them and even let’s them feed of her*
She even tried to adopt 4- 3/4 week old kittens and tried her best to feed them too, but she just didn’t have enough milk (The NHL crew)*
Paulina is the sweetest and I can’t wait for her to just get to be a spoiled rotten cat and now she never has to ever have anymore litters of kittens*
If you have room in your life for Paulina she is the sweetest cat ever*
Adoption Fee $100