Born approx Aug 15, 2020*

Up to date on shots and dewormed*
This very special kitten will need a special home*
He came to the rescue with some strange issues, including troubles with his back legs and a bit of a strange walk, balance problems and clumsiness which doesn’t bother him much, but sometimes means he falls over or misses his jumps and landings, and funny way of eating and a bit of trouble picking up food*
He often appears to get “lost” in his home and will cry until someone calls him or comes to find him*
He loves to snuggle, and is a very relaxed little guy, who is happy for you to carry him around like a baby*
He does occasionally express his love by biting and it took a bit of extra time for his foster brothers to teach him not to bite them so hard, and every now and then he will grab his favourite people’s faces with his paws and bite pretty hard, possibly while they’re sleeping… so he might not be the best cat in a home with small children who would be scared or upset by that, although it is very rare*
The vet is unsure whether his issues are congenital or caused by an injury and has said he may someday have expensive vet bills, however he is currently healthy and happy and purrfect, and his foster family LOVES him and every one of his odd little quirks because they make him a loving, adorable, and hilarious companion*
Adoption Fee $50