Born August 15 2023*
Has received 2 sets of deformer and 1 set of shots*
Mathew is a very mature gentleman*
He is a combination of his sister Cherilyn and his brother Gregory with his personality*
Some days he is mature like his sister, calm and reasonable…and other days he is like his brother*
Full of energy, brave, adventurous, and inquisitive*
If you’re looking for Gregory, Mathew isn’t far away and vis versa*
These 2 are 2 peas in a pod*
Constantly getting into mischief*
Mathew prefers a routine, with lots of snuggles and smooches in between his scheduled naps and other kitten duties*
He also has a magic trick, if you open a can of wet food*
No matter where in the house he is…he will appear right between your feet in a flash*
Mathew is fostered with other cats, dogs, fish and gets regular snuggles with small children*
Adoption Fee $80