Born approx 2020*
Spayed, microchipped, and 1 set of shots*
This is Lina, mama to 6 kittens*
This crew has been named after the S.W.A.T TV show*
Long-haired tabby*
Currently Lina is a very chill girl*
She isn’t a pushy or aggressive cuddler, but if you are looking for a snuggle, she isn’t ever very far away*
She’s also not food aggressive and will normally wait until everyone else is done eating their food or snacks before she goes in to see if there are any left for her*
Because of her polite disposition, she normally needs her own pile of food and needs your help to push everyone else away while she is eating it, or else she will let her babies eat her portions as well*
She isn’t a very vocal cat*
She only talks when she wants something from you such as filling up the water or food bowl more*
She doesn’t play with toys much, she just prefers to hang out with you and watch everyone else make fools of themselves*
She is fostered with cats, dogs, and fish and isn’t bothered by any of them*
Adoption Fee $100