Born approx  Dec 4th, 2023*
Has first set of vaccinations, dewormed and treated for earmites*
Haze is a toe biting piranha (watch video)*
She makes you laugh and keeps you on your toes…if she’s not attached to them…lol*
She loves playing with everyone and anything around her*
The rougher the better, she can dish it out and she can take it*
I wouldn’t be scared for her to be added to a family with an older furry sibling, she would try to hold her own*
Even with her rough and tumble side she still loves to be cuddled, picked up and given all the kisses*
She shows her appreciation with lots of purrs*
Haze is litter trained and ready to bring smiles, laughs and fun to the lucky family who gets to adopt her*
Adoption Fee $80