Born approximately September 2021*

Up to date vetting and neutered*

Okay, listen. Can we level?

I wanna play. Would you play with me?

Do you have other cats? Would they play with me?

I’ll take string. Fishing poles. Mice. Balls. Catnip toys. Scratchers. Interactive toys. I’m not picky. But I am super curious!!

I wanna see on top of things. Underthings. Inside things*

I wanna know what you’re eating? What’s that over there? When am I eating? What am I eating? Can I have more? Would you share yours with me?

My two favorite places to nap are in boxes and on the table*

And talking about favorites, would you give me belly rubs when you get home?

That would make my whole day*

I love cuddles and hugs and attention*

My old family moved but didn’t realize I couldn’t come with them to their new place… so I got left and I was thinking maybe you’d wanna take me home with you?

You could give me belly rubs*

I’ll purr and hug you with my paws*

That would be nice, wouldn’t it?

Adoption Fee $100