Breed: Staffy Cross*

Approx Birthdate: April 2023*

Vaccination Date: Received Distemper/Parvo and Rabies on May 26/2024*

Dewormed Date: May 26/2024*

Microchipped and neutered*

Beethoven loves people and loves life*

He wants to be everyone’s friend*

Good with cats? So far so good. He was confused when mine walked up and rubbed up against him, he gave her a sniff and didn’t try chase her*

Good with dogs? Yes, is more dominant though so proper introductions needed*

Good with kids? Loves kids but might knock over little ones*

House/Kennel Trained? He has been coming into the house at night to be kenneled and hasn’t had one accident in the kennel*

He did whine for a little bit but doesn’t now*

He does have an excited bladder though and may pee when he’s excited*

Beethoven came in underweight and full of ticks, he does still like to eat quickly and can get protective over his food*

Has been getting fed separately to let him know his food is safe and is all his*

He is just over 50lbs*

Adoption fee $325