Up to date with vaccinations until March 2024*
Spayed & Microchipped*
She can be a jumpy girl .. she usually gets scared of herself in the mirror lol*
She doesn’t seem to like soft cat food too much, but will eat it because all the other cats are*
She would prefer treats*
When she hears the fridge she runs… so we had to move everything from the bottom lol she knows where the food is*
Very curious of all things that come from the fridge*
She is also extremely playful.. when her and Litten get going things get knocked over*
Skitty also loves to look outside*
She also loves to cuddle but at her convenience*
She loves hair also, she bites and chews on hair especially if your hair is still wet.. she loves strings from sweaters.. tassles.. shoelaces lol her favorite toys*
Adoption Fee $110