Born May 4, 2023*
Been vet checked, vaccinated and dewormed*
Sid is the most rambunctious one out of this litter trio*
If there’s something he can get into and get in trouble, that’s Sid*
Give me a spring toy anytime and I will chase it*
I will carry it everywhere and run like a lunatic*
I eat anything and believe me when I say anything that means anything. So please keep any small cords or strings away from me as I like to eat them*
My foster mom has tried to tell me no a lot of times, but you know what…I still pushed her limits to see how far I can get*
When you hear me miaow you’d swear there was a pigeon in the house because I don’t miaow like a normal cat. I coo like a pigeon*
I love to talk to my humans, and I’ve learned how to jump on counters too*
Sometimes I get into a closet and get locked up, but I know right away to miaow to let you know to let me out lol*
I will definitely attack your legs and feet in bed so if you don’t want that to happen, don’t move – problem solved!
He gives head bonks & kisses*
If you sit on the ground, he would be the first one to come to you for cuddle*
Adoption Fee: $80