**Located in Regina at Pet Smart on GORDON ROAD**
Born Oct 27, 203*
Up to date with age appropriate vaccinations and dewormed*
Super social*
Great with siblings and the fosters dogs and cats*
Click photo to see picture of mom*
Rock star kitten history. Mystery the mom is a beautiful deep marbled tabby approx 3 years old that showed up on our farm afraid of humans and pregnant in September. We put out a heated house and fed her and she became more trusting and friendly. She gave birth to the 7 rock stars on Oct 27th and we emptied a room in our house and turned into the nursery. She let us move her and the kittens and has been friendly and affectionate ever since. All the kittens were socialized very early and all are house and litter trained. Mystery and the rock stars have never missed using the litter box. They have free run of our house with our other cats and two Jack Russels through the day. At night they are all fed separately and stay in the kitten room. They are playful and respectful and are not at all wild kitties. Never hiss or hide sleep randomly with our dogs and older cats. Very playful but not destructive. They will all jump on our laps and purr and chirp. We have not had a single problem with any of them.  They are going to be super pets for any home.

Adoption Fee $80