Born August 3rd 2022*
Fully vaccinated, microchipped and neutered*
Litter Trained*
Was fostered with 2 large dogs, 1 adult cat, and teenage kids*
Loves everybody*
Nico came into rescue with his brother at 4 weeks old*
They were found without a mom and underweight and became bottle babies until they got big and strong enough to eat on their own*
Nico is a big rough and tumble boy*
He loves to wrestle and play hard!
Always chasing toys around the house and trying to get the dogs tails*
He is extremely cuddly, always looking for a lap to curl up on, loves being carried around and held endlessly*
Sleeps in bed with his head on your pillow most of the nights*
He also loves ice cubes! Chases them around the kitchen floor and then licks up the little puddle once it’s all melted*
He likes laying on the back of the couch and bird watching out the window too*
He’s very handsome and I think he has a lot of growing left to do yet and will be a big boy once fully matured*
Adoption Fee $110