Up to date with vaccinations until March 2024*
Neutered & Microchipped*
Mew is Super fluffy*
He is so so loveable, He demands it!
He will jump up on you and want to be pet and carried*
He loves everybody and is really calm with all the cats*
He is so polite*
Mew is very photogenic*
He is also very clumsy*
He has the utmost trust in people*
Eats both hard and soft food and Loves treats of course*
His favorite spot is the back of your head/neck but have to watch him, he is clumsy and will slip off*
Mew is actually pretty chill*
He like to be inside his little house*
He likes boxes .. pretty much anything he can fit into*
He’s friendly and would be great in any home*
Adoption Fee $110