**Click photo to see a video**
Born Late 2022*
Up to date with shots, vet checked, dewormed and neutered*
Shepherd Cross*
He loves toys and playing fetch*
He won’t bring it back but he will let you take it which is nice*
He’s a chewer*
Need to work on good vs bad chewing*
He’s not a mouser but tried anyways, discovered frogs are slower and easier to catch*
Walking on a leash will be a work in progress*
He wants to be in front of/on top of you*
If you stay in motion then he happily walks beside you*
He LOVES attention*
Loves everyone and everything*
Lots of energy and easily excitable but once he does a few laps he settles right down*
He will jump a bit when he’s excited but that will be a thing to work on*
No signs of food aggression at all, same with toys, he’s willing to share*
He will bark at the cows if they are close to the fence but doesn’t run over and bother them*
Adoption Fee $325