**Located in Regina at Pet Smart on GORDON ROAD**


Born Approx April 1 2024*

Up to date with age appropriate vaccinations*

Eats hard kitten food*

Litter trained*

Thor came into rescue at about 5 weeks old and even though he could eat on his own already, he was bottle fed for a bit to make sure he got all the right nutrients needed to grow big and strong*

He is very affectionate towards people and other animals, loves himself a good cuddle session with anyone who’s willing*

He is also very rambunctious and plays hard!

Loves to wrestle and race around at top speed*

It’s either nap time, or full speed with this guy, there is no middle setting it seems*

He’s fostered with one other kitten that is smaller than him (possibly his brother, but due to size difference we aren’t quite sure), and with two large dogs, one adult cat, and teenage kids*

Loves everybody*

Adoption Fee $80