Born August 15 2023*
Up to date with age appropriate shots, dewormed, microchipped and spayed*
Randi is a kitten who found the expresso beans*
This kitten has so much energy and spunk it’s un-real*
She is adventurous, outgoing, and the first to come greet you so she can give you kisses*
You may notice from the photos that she has something wrong with her one eye*
Before Randi came into the rescue, she had an eye infection that caused her inner eye lid to stick to her eyeball*
When she is older, she will need to have surgery to have the eye lid detached from her eyeball*
Only then will the vet know if the eye is damaged or not*
However, this doesn’t slow this little fire ball*
She has adapted remarkably well and shows very little signs of irritation or discomfort*
She is fostered with cats, dogs, fish and has regular play dates with small children*
Adoption Fee $110