**Click photo to see cute video of Quinn playing**
The vet estimated born Nov 2022*
She has been spayed, microchipped and vaccinated*
Quinn is a sweet dog with a curious nature*
She is a quiet, laid back dog who currently fostered with a small/medium dog and kids*
She is not a fan of loud noises and will go to the door to be let out if things get too loud*
After some rest she has truly opened up and shown us her gentle affectionate side*
Quinn is currently in the process of learning what is and what is not a dog toy*
With treats, she has quickly learned sit and that bedtime means time for the kennel at night*
She has not had any accidents in the house and loves to hangout outside*
She is a quiet inside dog- she has had one single bark in the house!
It was when a surprise visitor came in the back door one night*
She would do well in a home with outdoor space*
Adoption Fee $375