**Been in rescue for OVER 2 YEARS**


Born approx 2020*

Up to date with vetting & spayed*

Sweet Indigo*

One of the rescues long term fosters*

She’s been in the rescue for such a long time, poor girl*

She came in extremely shy*

She was adopted once and brought back*

She’s had some mouth issues and she was diagnosed with Feline Stomatitis*

She has since had all of her teeth removed*

She receives canned food for her meals, but still eats her crunchy foods as well even without teeth*

She is fine with other cats but prefers to be alone and likes to be in places where she feels safe, on a chair under a table, under a coffee table, etc*

She likes short interactions with people and isn’t very fond of being held, it makes her nervous*

Indigo needs a quiet home where she will be loved and can just come and get attention on her terms*

Not forced upon her and withdrawn if she’s not interested*

She really is a sweet girl, there has to be someone with an empty chair that she would be happy to keep warm for you*

Adoption Fee $110