Hi, I’m Ashlea. Originally from BC, I live in Springside with my husband and 4 kids. When I was six I wanted a kitten farm with a thousand kittens. When that didn’t pan out, I decided fostering was the next best thing. It gives us the chance to love many many cats and kittens, while helping them find great families and homes. Even though we’re sad to see them go, we know there are more to help, so we let them go to their new families. A few days after our favorite kitten was adopted, I got a message from her owner: “She’s getting more and more comfortable at my house and I bought a toy for her that she hasn’t stopped playing with. It’s been two days and she’s made my life better ”. The goodbyes are worth it. Knowing they are cared for and loved, we can focus our love on our new fosters.